I am very calm and faithful woman

I am a young positive minded, creative and responsible girl. I love an active lifestyle. I like to experiment, to learn something new for self-development and the opening my femininity. I am young, but already ripened for the serious relations and family life. Now I want to establish a family and to devote myself to the family, family values are important for me. What else can be more interesting than a life! I want to live and enjoy every day of my life with my darling man. For me feelings of love between two people which develop into love are similar to a flower, which it is necessary to water - attention, compliments and to fertilize - gifts, flowers and care. At worst this flower will wither very quickly. I appreciate actions because they speak louder than words. I love good, honest and open people near me. I love my family. They are always there and ready to support in any situation. At the moment I'm looking for a job. Hope to find soon.

Am now a new member so am finding out that i see how it leads to

Am looking for a real man to have a friends and see how it leads to