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Are you into Fitness and persue and Active & Healthy Lifestyle? Do you wish you could date active singles that are thrill seeking and into outdoor sports such as hiking, biking and exploring? Well, this site might just be the one for you!

121 Adventure Dating has been specially developed for people into sports, fitness and those who seek adventure. So if the idea of finding a date who shares your passion and interest for active lifestyles, hobbies and outdoor pursuits appeals to you, then you should check out 121 Adventure Dating. This site has a large active database of adventurous singles who are all looking for a partner with whom they can do fun adventurous things together. So if you have always wanted to explore the world with a partner or do adventurous things together, but have you been unable to find the right date, then try 121 Adventure Dating. You can register completely free and immediately start looking for your perfect 121 Adventure Date. Who knows, you might come into contact with a fellow adventurer today!

Free registration

Sign up for free today on this site to find the perfect fitness or adventure date. To register simply fill in the online form on the homepage of the site which can be found underneath the heading “Dating for The Adventurous”. You can also access this form by clicking on the "Sign up here", "Become a member" or "Browse profiles now" buttons on the homepage. In this form you enter certain personal details such as your sexual preference, date of birth, a working e-mail address and password of your choice. After having processed all relevant data, after clicking on registration and confirming the registration via your personal e-mail address, you can immediately start reading the profiles of the users of the site. If there is a match you can also send a message directly to the person.


All new members of the site receive a free account. With this free account, however, they have limited access to the various functionalities of the site. With this account you can go through profiles and send private messages to other users. Once you are logged in, you will also receive an overview of possible matches based on your preferences. You can immediately see which age class they are in, which area the person comes from and a profile photo. You can therefore indicate whether the person is a match or not. In addition, you can also send a private message to the person.

In addition to the free membership, users also have the option to upgrade their account to the VIP membership. With the VIP membership you have access to all functionalities of the site. You can view media files from other users, you can read private messages that you have received and you can use the site's preferred search option. The costs for upgrading your account to the VIP membership are as follows:

12 month subscription: $ 14.39 per month, in this case you pay for 5 months and you get another 7 months for free.

3 month subscription: $ 26.99 per month.

1 month subscription: $ 35.99 per month.

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