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Are you a vegetarian and looking to meet other singles who are vegetarian also? Do you want to start a healthy relationship with someone who shares the same passion for being vegetarian as you do? Then 121 Vegetarian Dating could be the dating site for you. This site states on its home page, "We understand that breaking the ice with, "Do you eat meat?", can be a dealbreaker". For this reason 121 Vegetarian Dating is a dating site that is exclusively for vegetarians.  On this site you can be sure to find like-minded vegetarian members who are all looking for new friends, contacts and potentially an exciting date. Every vegetarian we believe will enjoy this site. All you have to do to try it is create a free account.

How to join 121 Vegetarian Dating 

To become a member of 121 Vegetarian Dating you must first register. You can do this by clicking on the “become a member” tab or by filling in the online click-through form which can be found on the homepage of the site. Here you can indicate, among other things, whether you are male or female, whether you like men or women, a working e-mail address and password. In addition, you will also be asked to enter some personal details as well as information regarding the person you want to get to know through this site. After all information has been processed and clicked on registration, an automatic message will be sent to the specified e-mail address to confirm the registration. After confirming your registration you can immediately get started with finding your own veggy date.

Different Membership Types

At 121 Vegetarian Dating you can opt for a free membership or a paid membership. With a free membership you can get in touch with other users, but you have limited access to all functionalities of the site. By upgrading your membership you can gain access to all functionalities of the site. With a free account you can only view the profiles of other users and send private messages. With an upgraded account you can also use the priority search option and read private messages.

Account upgrade costs

The following costs are charged for upgrading a free account:

- 1 month, € 26.99 p / month

- 3 months, € 20.69 p / month

- 12 months, € 12.59 p / month

Most people opt for a three-month subscription, but in terms of benefits, it is best to opt for a 12-month subscription.

How to delete my profile?

If you already have a successful date or if you no longer wish to use the site for whatever reason, you have the option to have your profile deleted. You can do this by contacting the customer service of the site. You can achieve this by filling in the online contact form and sending it. In this form you indicate as subject that you want to delete your account, you fill in the reason why you want to delete your account and then you send the form to the customer service. This will then see to it in the short term that the account is deleted from the servers of the site.

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121 Vegetarian Dating Reviews

    You can meet like minded people here!

    I would absolutely recommend this vegetarian dating site to every single vegetarian. It is very difficult to date with people who are not vegetarians themselves. It is then always looking for a restaurant where we can both find ourselves. In the past I have tried dating non-vegetarians, but it has never been a success. As a vegetarian there are other things that you strive for and you will find that if you date with a non-vegetarian, you are not always on the same page. That is why I am glad that I came across this dating site, because I also know that I can only come into contact with vegetarians. I don't have to worry that I am being egoistic because of my lifestyle. The nice thing about it is that you can talk about recipes together, tasty dishes, restaurants you can go to and more. This allows you to build a bond with the other person, making dating much more enjoyable. I especially experienced this during my last date, which I had with someone I met on this site. It is really worthwhile to become a member of this site.

    You can meet like minded people on this site.

    I still have to pay as a member of this site

    Through my friends I understood that there is an interesting dating site that has been specially developed for vegetarians. I found it interesting and wanted to try it out. So I became a member of the site and have to say that the registration was very quick and easy. Compiling my profile and searching other profiles went also very smooth. I came in contact with another vegetarian user and the conversation was so nice until the moment where it was suddenly interrupted due to the fact that I was using the free membership account. In order to have more frequent and long conversations, I was forced to upgrade my membership to the VIP membership. I wanted to try it for a month, but then the costs are much higher than when you take a 12-month subscription. So here too I had to commit myself to a 12-month contract. Fortunately it is worth it, because you really come into contact with other like-minded users.

    There are a lot of interesting singles on this site.

    Even though becoming a member of this site is free of costs, you still have to pay if you want to upgrade your account. Only with the VIP membership you can make use of all the functionalities of this site.

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