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    worst site ever - Review about 121 Gay Dating

    not one real profile, all fake


    complete waste of money, not one real profile responded to me, all messages received were pre written and when i responded not one came back to me

    Scammy - Review about

    I've been on for about 6 months. I receive almost daily emails, allegedly  from "members" . Almost all emails are trite, canned and appear computer generated.  I have responded to those that actually seemed like they might have read my profile. I have NEVER received a response back . Also of note, I paid for 1 month VIP to get a feel for the site. Found months later I was being continuously billed.  This leads me to beleive the site is a mostly a  scam

    20541 - Review about Older Dating Online

    My partner should love God more then he loves me!!! I believe in God First, Family Second, Job Third and the rest falls into place. I believe the promises made in the bible and how a woman should love her husband and I am willing to do that but only with the right person. He must stand firm and close to the Lord or I am not interested. Praying is important to me so I would love him to be able to pray with me and understand that since God is first and for most, my day starts with prayer. It ends that way as well. For him, I will respect him, love him, honor him and never will he have to fear that I would ever bring shame to our home and I would expect the same from him.

    My partner should love God more then he loves me!!! I believe in God First, Family Second, Job Third and the rest falls into place. I believe the promises made in the bible and how a woman should love her husband and I am willing to do that but only with the right person. He must stand firm and close to the Lord or I am not interested. Praying is important to me so I would love him to be able to pray with me and understand that since God is first and for most, my day starts with prayer. It ends that way as well. For him, I will respect him, love him, honor him and never will he have to fear that I would ever bring shame to our home and I would expect the same from him.

    I am very calm and faithful woman - Review about 121 Divorced Dating

    I am a young positive minded, creative and responsible girl. I love an active lifestyle. I like to experiment, to learn something new for self-development and the opening my femininity. I am young, but already ripened for the serious relations and family life. Now I want to establish a family and to devote myself to the family, family values are important for me. What else can be more interesting than a life! I want to live and enjoy every day of my life with my darling man. For me feelings of love between two people which develop into love are similar to a flower, which it is necessary to water - attention, compliments and to fertilize - gifts, flowers and care. At worst this flower will wither very quickly. I appreciate actions because they speak louder than words. I love good, honest and open people near me. I love my family. They are always there and ready to support in any situation. At the moment I'm looking for a job. Hope to find soon.

    Am now a new member so am finding out that i see how it leads to

    Am looking for a real man to have a friends and see how it leads to

    I just wanted to have more friends, but.... - Review about Widows Dating Online

    My name is Jessica, I have been a widow for five years and a mother of two children. After the death of my husband I was constantly busy with my work and the kids. The children were much younger and I filled my days with doing school work, social activities with the kids and more. Whenever I was on the street with the kids, I sometimes could have a good chit chat with nice gentlemen, but until now I didn't had a real date, there was no question of it. Now my daughters are a little older and need less attention. Especially in the last year I have noticed that the urge for a love partner is getting bigger. I have searched online how I could get rid of this feeling, but the best thing is that you also learn to love yourself and that you open yourself up to be loved. I then started searching the internet for suitable dating sites and came across two sites that seemed interesting to me. For my bad luck I chose a different site, but the service was so bad and I received no messages. Also on the messages I sent, there was hardly any answer and when I received an answer, the answer did not always correspond with my message, it seemed fake profiles. I then decided to delete my account and take a chance on this site. And yes! On this site I have nice contact with a number of gentlemen from the first day on. In the beginning I was only looking for new friendships, but later on I started liking a gentleman so much that I want more. So you notice that if you are a member of a good dating site, finding a partner is possible.

    Age is just a number! - Review about Senior Dating Agency

    Senior Dating Agency is the ultimate dating site for all seniors who are looking for an exciting date. I have been looking for a nice lady for a date and more for a while, but it just didn't seem to work. As an older person it is not always easy to get in touch with other women. Sometimes people look at you with a dirty look if you dare to have a conversation with a nice lady on the street or in the club. Just because of your age people look down on you. Fortunately I came across this dating site where I could search for a nice date in peace and in my own time. This site does not look down on you because of your age and you know that there are enough single seniors with whom you could go on a date. That's how I met my current girlfriend. It started with a chat message and then with conversations back and forth. The conversations remained exciting and I am not dissatisfied, until now we have nice contact with each other. The conversations do not always have to result directly in a love relationship, you can start as friends and as you get to know each other better you can continue the process towards a relationship. On this site age is just a number. If you feel young and if you are fit, you can join this dating site to meet your belated soulmate.

    Website is very clear! - Review about Older Dating Online

    I joined Older Dating Online not long ago. I don't know if it's because of my age, but after I signed up, I think I did something wrong, so I didn't get my verification email. I ended up reading on the website and honestly, the website is pretty clear. Under the tab most frequently asked questions it was stated exactly what I had to do to receive my verification email. Another time I lost my password. Thanks to the customer-friendly help desk I was able to retrieve my password again. Besides the customer-friendliness of the help desk, I am also very satisfied with the website itself. I find the website very clear and I know exactly where I need to update my profile, where I can search the profiles and where I need to send messages to other members. I even managed to chat with a cute man. I would recommend this dating site to all my bachelor peers to create an account today and look for a date. Older Dating is especially developed for the elderly, so join the good service of this site.

    The website is very clear and accessible for older people. I would surely recommend this dating site to my peers.

    Find your Sexy Sugar Baby here! - Review about SugarDating.International/sd

    I am a businessman myself and because of my busy work scheme I am forced to travel more often to other cities and countries. When I am traveling I like to relax in my free time. Having a sugar baby is therefore very ideal. I can eat somewhere with my sugar baby, she satisfies my sexual needs and she makes sure that I am completely relaxed for the next working day. Conversely, I ensure that she is not short of anything financially, I like to treat her with everything she wants. However, for a long time I was unable to find a suitable sugar baby. Thanks to Sugar Dating I finally came across my dream princess. It started with nice chats back and forth and in the end we were able to meet each other. In a few cities I have a sugar babies and every time we meet it is a real treat. Until now I have absolutely no regrets about my choice to become a member of this site. I would also recommend all sugar daddy's to join here for the best sugar babies you can imagine.

    You can find the most sexy and willing sugar babies at Sugar Dating. Try Sugar Dating right away!

    Find your Local Hookup here! - Review about Local Sex Online

    Local Sex Online is the dating site that you absolutely must join. I am hardly a member of this site and in the first week I already had an exciting hookup date. All women and men on this site only want one thing, hot sex and hookup dates. The great thing about this site is that you don't have to look far, you will be amazed how many people in your area are also looking for a hookup date. Have you never had a one night stand or a hookup date and do you want to gain some experience? Then you should definitely be at Local Sex Online Dating. I underestimated it, but I am absolutely satisfied with the result of this dating site. Are you horny, do you want sex more often, do you lack sex? Create an account today and start looking for your own local sex partner. Find your local hookup date here!

    There are a lot of local horny men and women on this site who are willing to have a hookup date with you.

    Be careful when you make hookup appointments. Let someone you trust know who you are going to have a date with. In case something may happen, someone knows where to find you.

    You can meet like minded people here! - Review about 121 Vegetarian Dating

    I would absolutely recommend this vegetarian dating site to every single vegetarian. It is very difficult to date with people who are not vegetarians themselves. It is then always looking for a restaurant where we can both find ourselves. In the past I have tried dating non-vegetarians, but it has never been a success. As a vegetarian there are other things that you strive for and you will find that if you date with a non-vegetarian, you are not always on the same page. That is why I am glad that I came across this dating site, because I also know that I can only come into contact with vegetarians. I don't have to worry that I am being egoistic because of my lifestyle. The nice thing about it is that you can talk about recipes together, tasty dishes, restaurants you can go to and more. This allows you to build a bond with the other person, making dating much more enjoyable. I especially experienced this during my last date, which I had with someone I met on this site. It is really worthwhile to become a member of this site.

    You can meet like minded people on this site.

    I found my lover! - Review about 121 Single Parent Dating

    I really found my lover on 121 Single Parent Dating. It has not been easy, but I finally came across a dating site, where I finally found my lover. As a single parent, it is not easy to start a relationship with someone else. If you are looking for a man, he must not only accept you, but also your children. You live finally for your children and you want to be happy, but on the other hand you do not want to harm your children. Through this dating site I came in contact with my current partner and the children can find it completely with him. They are fond of him. I was afraid when I started dating that the bond with the children would be on the lesser side, but this man really proved it to me. He is very caring, has patience with the children and knows exactly how to make me happy. The site itself is also handy to use and you do not have to put too much effort into registering. Once you have registered and edited your profile, you will soon come across people on this site with whom you can start a conversation. There are enough users, so if there is no click between you and one user, move on to the other. Eventually you will find the person with whom you can have fun conversations, someone with humor and who will really love you at a given moment. I would therefore recommend all single parents to join this site.

    Watch out for non-Muslims! - Review about 121 Muslim Dating

    I had been looking for a good Muslim dating site for some time now and became familiar with this site while searching the internet. At one sight this site seemed realistic to me. I created a profile and in the first week I came in contact with a hot guy. He told me that he is a Muslim as well, but during the conversations I kept getting the feeling that this man is kidding me and that he only wants me because of my beauty. I took it for granted and told him that we would talk about the Muslim religion. And there I grabbed him. It turned out that he knew nothing about the Muslim faith. I know that the site administrators cannot do much about it if others make themselves appear to be Muslims, but it is important that you observe carefully when you are chatting with others. Fortunately, I did met someone with whom I can talk.

    This site is developed especially for single Muslims to get in touch with each other and more.

    Not everyone on this site is a Muslim as they pretend to be. So be careful when having conversations with members of this site. This is a problem that appears on every dating site, so the only thing that you can do is to be careful.

    On this site you will find the most beautiful lesbian women - Review about 121 Lesbians

    I would recommend 121 Lesbians to any lesbian woman. A few weeks ago I became familiar with this site and I found the women that can be seen on the pictures of the site interesting. I thought they were models that were placed on the layout of the dating site. What I did not know is that the women of this site also look that good in real life. Since I signed up, I have been in contact with a number of single lesbian women. One is even more beautiful than the other. The only thing these women expect from you is that you spend time, love and attention on them. In the first few weeks I had the feeling that I was chatting with someone who did not exist. The profile photo of that lady looked so good. On a lot of dating sites there are fake profiles that you would rather not approach, to prevent problems. But because the conversation was so nice, I kept on chatting with this nice lady. Eventually we met each other and yes, it is actually the lady I saw on her profile. This way you can see that not every super beautiful photo on a profile means that the account is fake. I have a very good experience with this site and thanks to 121 Lesbians I found my lovely beautiful wifey.

    Bisexual men are also welcome here - Review about 121 Gay Dating

    I became a member of this exciting Gay Dating website a few months ago and have had a kind of sex relationship with a tough man for a couple of weeks. I got to know him via this datingsite and immediately loved him. After chatting back and forth a few times with each other, it suddenly came up that my tough friend is not known in daily life as a gay man or a man who falls in love with other men. He has a girlfriend, but also enjoys chit chatting with other men, having sex with them, and secret affairs. Of course that is possible on this site and I thought it was a great honor to have such a man as a sex partner. There are enough men on this site who are not gay, but fall under the bisexual category. These men may have a wife, a family, a girlfriend at home, but they just find it exciting to have sex relationships and / or secret affairs with other men. So are you bisexual? Then sign up immediately at 121 Gay Dating. There are plenty of men here with whom you can gain experience or make your fantasies come true.

    There are also bisexuals on this site with whom you can gain some experience or start a secret affair.

    Be patient! - Review about 121 Divorced Dating

    I joined 121 Divorced Dating four months ago. At first the site seemed too good to be true, but also interesting. That is why i became a member. I understood from one of my friends that you can score a nice date within two weeks. Since I have been divorced for a few years and since I was in need of a little bit love in my life, I decided to become a member of this site. Already in the first week the conversations started with other users, but it certainly took a month or two before I found my perfect match. So it is not always really within two weeks as I initially understood. If you have a little patience and are open to a new love you will certainly find it on this site. I have been with my partner for a month now, she was in a similar situation as me. Already at the first conversation we got along well and it seemed as if we had known each other for years. Tip: Be patient, it will pay off.

    I found my lovely wifey on this site! It took a while, but my patience was payed off.

    Sometimes you need to be patient in order to find the right partner.

    I need to become a member for more information - Review about 121 Disabled Dating

    I recently came across this dating site and found it particularly interesting at first. The layout of the site is very inviting, I must say. I myself am disabled, which makes it difficult for me to find a partner who suits me, who understands me and who can assist me in good and bad times. Anyway, I came across this site and wanted to get more information. Among other things, I wanted to know how I could register myself, if there were any costs associated with the registration and under what conditions I could register. On the site itself I found, unfortunately, no information. I had to sign up to get more information from the site. The site itself is fine with me, but I don't like it that I couldn't get information directly. I was obliged to register on the site first. Suppose I did not want to register on this site, but wanted to gather some information, that would simply not be possible. I hope that this will also be looked into in the future. Fortunately, everything changes once you are logged in. Then you get more than enough information.

    Only if you are a member of this site, you can gain more information.

    I forgot my password - Review about 121 Dates

    Hi all I am Nina. I recently became a member of this dating site and as forgetful that I am, I had already lost my password the first week. I have used different passwords, but I was unable to log in anymore. It was late, so I was unable to reach 121 Dates by telephone. At that moment I was enthusiastic about going through profiles of other users. I saw that I could fill in the online contact form. I found that less pleasant because from previous experience I know that not always or not in time answers are given to messages sent via a contact form to sites. I was therefore surprised when I already received the following day a message from the help desk of this site. Everything was explained step by step how I could get my password back. I call that top service! This is the reason why I would recommend everyone to just join 121 Dates.

    The help desk of this dating site responses very quick and they are very polite. I received an e- mail with a step by step explanation of how I can recover my password. I would recommend this site to everyone.

    I couldn't reach the dating site by phone.

    I had to pay for my upgrade - Review about 121 Christian Dating

    I am a Christian at heart and have always wanted a woman who is also a Christian. It is important to me that my children are also raised as Christians. In daily life you do not easily come across single women, let alone single women who profess the Christian faith. I thought I'd try it through a dating site. I first came to a dating site with only fake profiles. This made me wary, but I did not give up hope. While searching the internet I suddenly came across 121 Christian Dating. I immediately thought of trying. I was a member in no time, the sign up process is that quick and easy. I didn't have to pay anything until the moment I discovered that I couldn't use all the functions of the site. I received a message that I had to upgrade my account if I wanted to use the function. So I think that's less because I assumed that the site was completely free. Anyway, it has been worthwhile because I have since started a conversation with a nice lady, who understands me and knows what I want in life. That feeling is mutually, so despite having to pay, it is worth it.

    You need to pay for the VIP membership.

    Start a new life! It is possible.. - Review about Widows Dating Online

    I have been a widow for a few years now and thought it was time for me to give my love life a boost. Only, I didn't find it so easy to go to someone for a date and more. I did come across a few men, but stepping towards them seemed strange. After so many years I felt pretty embarrassed about dating someone again, but on the other hand I have an empty feeling, I often feel lonely and therefore need a partner. I never knew that there was anything like a dating site for widows. My colleague told me during a free moment that I had to try it at a dating site for widows. On that dating site you will find a number of people, who are also widowed and know exactly what you have endured and in this way you can understand each other better and start dating on that basis and more. I thought that was a good idea. After searching for a while I ended up with Widows Dating Online. In the beginning I was wary, because you hear so often that there are fake profiles on dating sites, but no. In the second week after my registration I started talking to a nice widower and now, after six weeks we are still enjoying each other. So finding a date is also possible, even if you are a widow or widower.

    Good balance between men and women - Review about Senior Dating Agency

    Some people complain that they can't find a suitable partner. They cannot do that in daily life and also not through the different dating sites. This is especially not possible, they say, if you have are over the 30 years. Others also complain that there are many more men on dating sites than women, making finding a suitable female partners less easier. Fortunately I did not experience that at Senior Dating Agency. On this site there is in my opinion a good balance between men and women and with a little patience you will come across your perfect date. The same applies to me. I had to be patient, but within six weeks I had a perfect date with the sweetest woman I can imagine. So I couldn't think of a reason why a dating sites could not be a good idea for the elderly. On the contrary, I would recommend to all my peers, who are looking for a suitable partner, to enroll too massively with Senior Dating Agency. Just like me, you can also find your suitable date on this site within six weeks.

    There is a good balance between the male and female members on this site. If you are patient you can find your perfect date within six weeks.

    You are never too old! - Review about Older Dating Online

    Because of my age it is not easy to get in touch with other single men. My husband has died a few years ago and it became time to experience love again. Some would say "on this age"? Yes of-course on this age, I would answer. My girlfriend told me that a special dating site has been developed for the elderly where you can quickly and easily come into contact with other single elderly people. This seemed great to me and I wanted to give it a chance. Well, I have to say that the site is full of tough men and that I do get to know a nice gentleman every day. I can chat all day and actually have something I can live for. Every day when I get up, I know that someone is thinking of me and that I can expect a message from the person. You are never too old to get to know your soul mate. I therefore recommend that all older single men and women find their partner on this site.

    This site is very easy and accessible for older people. After becoming a member of this site, there is a big chance that you will find your older partner on this amazing datingsite.

    Found my Sugar Papa - Review about SugarDating.International/sd

    I am proud to call myself a sugar baby. Through this site I came in contact with my sweet sugar papa. I go to school myself and I find it difficult to support myself and go to school. When a friend told me that she is a sugar baby from a rich, sweet gentleman and that she doesn't have to do anything for a living, because everything is funded, I immediately wanted to try it. She recommended me to become a member of Sugar Dating. I was very nervous, but it was a good bet. And yes, in the first week I came across my sweet sugar daddy. It is really not such a taboo as it looks like. Afterwards I was just nervous, but thanks to Sugar Dating I am now happy with my Sugar papa. Signing up for this site is the only thing that you need to do. On the website there are a lot of sexy and horny sugar papa's. You only need to choose for the start. If there is a click between you and the sugar papa, than you can start flirting with each other and date when goes well between the two of you.

    The Best HookupS! - Review about Local Sex Online

    I recommend everyone to become a member of Local Sex Online. I have been a member of many sex dating sites, but none of them have been as successful as this one. From day one I have a hookup every day. Some are older woman who are lonely and you also have younger girls who want to gain some experience on the area of sex. There are plenty of willing women who find it exciting to meet in secret for sex, attention and more. The best thing about this site is that you can get in touch with people from the neighborhood. I was able to arrange a sex date with at least five women from the neighborhood. The members of this site are not afraid of anything and like it when you challenge them. I am very happy to be a member of this site. I don't know why I haven't tried this site before, but it is worth it.

    The members of this site are all willing to agree on a sex date. They know exactly how to spoil you. The only thing that you have to do is to become a member of this site and start searching for your own sex date. It is very easy and worth trying.

    I still have to pay as a member of this site - Review about 121 Vegetarian Dating

    Through my friends I understood that there is an interesting dating site that has been specially developed for vegetarians. I found it interesting and wanted to try it out. So I became a member of the site and have to say that the registration was very quick and easy. Compiling my profile and searching other profiles went also very smooth. I came in contact with another vegetarian user and the conversation was so nice until the moment where it was suddenly interrupted due to the fact that I was using the free membership account. In order to have more frequent and long conversations, I was forced to upgrade my membership to the VIP membership. I wanted to try it for a month, but then the costs are much higher than when you take a 12-month subscription. So here too I had to commit myself to a 12-month contract. Fortunately it is worth it, because you really come into contact with other like-minded users.

    There are a lot of interesting singles on this site.

    Even though becoming a member of this site is free of costs, you still have to pay if you want to upgrade your account. Only with the VIP membership you can make use of all the functionalities of this site.

    I found a suitable chat partner! - Review about 121 Single Parent Dating

    I would recommend 121 Single Parent Dating to all single parents who are looking for a suitable partner. As a single parent I have been single for a few years, and until a few months ago I was not open to a new relationship. I am busy at work and besides that I spend almost all of the day with my children. I really didn't have time to socialize. I have noticed that the children are getting a little taller now and demand less from me. This is the reason why I have decided to open myself to love again. In the evening I often feel lonely and notice that there is a need for a partner. I just didn't know how to get in touch with the right person until my girlfriend told me about 121 Single Parent Dating. In the beginning I was a bit wary, but the site looked very inviting and I thought I'd try it. And from trying we are now a few months further and it seems to click with another single parent. We can talk a lot about the children, the similar situations we are in and much more. So it is really worthwhile to register with this site to find a suitable partner.