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Everyone can go to 121 Dates to find a nice and suitable date. There are a large number of members on the site and they are looking for personal contact, friendship, chat friends, a serious date and more. In addition, there are many registrations on the site every day, making it virtually impossible that you will not find a suitable date on this site. 121 Dates is one of the largest online dating communities. This site offers singles a secure online platform where they can get in contact with other singles, exchange messages and meet each other if they want to, without coercion. All you have to do is create a free account today.

How to create an account?

Have you gone through the website a little and you also want to find your dream prince or princess through this site, then you can create an account completely free through this site. All you have to do is fill in the online click-through registration form. Here you can indicate what your gender is, what gender you prefer, what your e-mail address and password for this site will be. You will also receive a form in which you can enter your personal details and in which you can indicate which description your ideal partner must meet. After clicking on registration, an e-mail will be sent to the specified e-mail address to confirm the registration. After confirming the registration you can start immediately with finding your date.

What are the different membership types? 

Members have the option to make use the free membership option or a paid membership option. The difference between the two is that the free membership offers limited access to the various functions of the site while that is not the case with a paid membership. Users can upgrade their account at a very reasonable rate as follows:

- 1 month, € 26.99 p / month

- 3 months, € 20.69 p / month

- 12 months, € 12.59 p / month

Users can safely make their payments with a Visa and / or master card.


With a membership of this site, users have the opportunity to contact other singles. They can search for profiles of other users and go through them, they can update their own profile, they can see again which people gave their profile a like, who viewed the profile and how many messages they received. In addition, a number of interesting profiles of potential candidates appear. You can view the profiles and if interested provide a like. If you get a like back, then there is a click and then you can start exchanging messages with each other.

I have some questions 

For any questions and / or comments, users can send a message to the site's help desk by filling in the online contact form. In this form you can enter the subject, the message with a possible attachment and send it to the help desk. The site's helpdesk handles the message and tries to provide members with an appropriate message / solution as quickly as possible. This way the site tries to satisfy every member. 

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121 Dates Reviews

    I forgot my password

    Hi all I am Nina. I recently became a member of this dating site and as forgetful that I am, I had already lost my password the first week. I have used different passwords, but I was unable to log in anymore. It was late, so I was unable to reach 121 Dates by telephone. At that moment I was enthusiastic about going through profiles of other users. I saw that I could fill in the online contact form. I found that less pleasant because from previous experience I know that not always or not in time answers are given to messages sent via a contact form to sites. I was therefore surprised when I already received the following day a message from the help desk of this site. Everything was explained step by step how I could get my password back. I call that top service! This is the reason why I would recommend everyone to just join 121 Dates.

    The help desk of this dating site responses very quick and they are very polite. I received an e- mail with a step by step explanation of how I can recover my password. I would recommend this site to everyone.

    I couldn't reach the dating site by phone.

    It's worth it!

    I have been looking for a nice date in my area for quite some time. Because of my work, I am unable to socialize too much. This is therefore the possible reason why I have not yet come into contact with my true love, at least until the moment I registered at 121 Dates. I registered at 121 Dates a week ago and am absolutely satisfied with the service offered. Not only the procedure to register is very easy, also getting in contact with other users is fairly quick. For several days I have been in contact with a nice lady of 121 Dates and it seems to click between us. She understands me, has humor and wants a serious relationship, just like me. It really feels good to know that there is someone somewhere who thinks about you and when you get up you can expect a message from her.

    The registration process on this site is fairly quick and completely free. The only thing you have to do is take five minutes to complete the registration steps.

    Unfortunately, with a free account you cannot use all functions of the site. Only if you sign up for the VIP membership you can, for example, send unlimited messages to other users and read received messages. Fortunately, the amount to upgrade is not that high.

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