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Everyone knows that dating once you are over 40 is very different than dating in your late teens / early 20s. As a teenager you quickly feel attracted to someone you find interesting. Once you are over 40 you look at much more than just appearance. Does he or she really fit me and the life I lead? The older you are, the more life experience you have. These change your requirements and wishes in a future partner. That is completely normal but it does not make choosing a Partner any easier. Thankfully there are now dating sites that specifically serve the over 40 or 'senior' dating market, which will make your search simpler, easier and more fun!

Dating site for singles over 40

Dating in your forties, fifties or sixties can be a bit daunting. Maybe you are returing to dating after a split with a loved one or long term partner. It is normal to feel a bit nervous about dating again but dating should and can be fun and enjoyable. To make the best start it is essential to choose a dating site that appeals to people like you and in your age range. So which site to choose? We recommend as it is one of the largest 40 plus dating sites we have reviewed, and one that will satisfy the needs of all people over the age of 40.

How to Become a member of this site?

If you are over 40, lonely and would like to give your love life a boost, then you can create a free account on this site, fast and easy. You can do this by already filling in the online click-through form which can be found on the homepage of the site. In this form you indicate, among other things, what your gender is, what your date of birth is and what your e-mail address is. After agreeing to the terms and conditions you can click on "join for free". After this you will receive a message at the specified e-mail address to confirm the registration. After confirming the registration you can immediately start finding a suitable date.

What are the different membership types? 

After registration, interested parties will automatically receive a free trial account. This allows them to create and edit their own profile, remove and / or edit photos from their own profile, browse the site, view other people's profiles, send and respond to chat requests, exchange smileys and add members to a group of friends or blocked group. In addition, the Trial members have the options to upgrade their account to a Gold or VIP account. The Gold members also have the option to send unlimited e-mails and winks, view other members' profiles and use text voice and video chat options without any restrictions. VIP members also have the opportunity to stand out in the crowd, are highlighted in the search results of all parties and are highlighted in the inbox of other members and more. Enough reason to create an account on this site today.

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Why does senior dating work?

As a senior, you may think you had your best time finding love, but nothing could be further from the truth. Even if you are over 50 or even 60, it is possible to suddenly meet the love of your life. It is less common, but the miracles are not over yet. While all younger singles can be found on dating apps such as Tinder, there is also a varied selection of dating sites for seniors. Unlike the dat ... [...]

Senior Dating Agency Reviews

    Age is just a number!

    Senior Dating Agency is the ultimate dating site for all seniors who are looking for an exciting date. I have been looking for a nice lady for a date and more for a while, but it just didn't seem to work. As an older person it is not always easy to get in touch with other women. Sometimes people look at you with a dirty look if you dare to have a conversation with a nice lady on the street or in the club. Just because of your age people look down on you. Fortunately I came across this dating site where I could search for a nice date in peace and in my own time. This site does not look down on you because of your age and you know that there are enough single seniors with whom you could go on a date. That's how I met my current girlfriend. It started with a chat message and then with conversations back and forth. The conversations remained exciting and I am not dissatisfied, until now we have nice contact with each other. The conversations do not always have to result directly in a love relationship, you can start as friends and as you get to know each other better you can continue the process towards a relationship. On this site age is just a number. If you feel young and if you are fit, you can join this dating site to meet your belated soulmate.

    Good balance between men and women

    Some people complain that they can't find a suitable partner. They cannot do that in daily life and also not through the different dating sites. This is especially not possible, they say, if you have are over the 30 years. Others also complain that there are many more men on dating sites than women, making finding a suitable female partners less easier. Fortunately I did not experience that at Senior Dating Agency. On this site there is in my opinion a good balance between men and women and with a little patience you will come across your perfect date. The same applies to me. I had to be patient, but within six weeks I had a perfect date with the sweetest woman I can imagine. So I couldn't think of a reason why a dating sites could not be a good idea for the elderly. On the contrary, I would recommend to all my peers, who are looking for a suitable partner, to enroll too massively with Senior Dating Agency. Just like me, you can also find your suitable date on this site within six weeks.

    There is a good balance between the male and female members on this site. If you are patient you can find your perfect date within six weeks.

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