Why does senior dating work?

Why does senior dating work?

November 10, 2019

As a senior, you may think you had your best time finding love, but nothing could be further from the truth. Even if you are over 50 or even 60, it is possible to suddenly meet the love of your life. It is less common, but the miracles are not over yet. While all younger singles can be found on dating apps such as Tinder, there is also a varied selection of dating sites for seniors. Unlike the dating apps you will not find young people and singles in their thirties on senior dating sites. Only single men and women older than 50 years are admitted.

Am I not too old?

At any age it is possible to fall in love. If someone tells you that you are too old then it is a lie that you should not believe. Age is just a number, it says nothing about how young you still feel. The birth rate on your driver's license does not tell you that you are no longer allowed to date. Deep inside you probably know that it is not too late to find love. Love is timeless and that is how you should think about it. Put the negative opinions and messages about dating as an older single next to you and choose yourself. You are the one who can make you happy, nobody else.

What is different?

The years of traditional dating are over. Who else links someone to a friend? It is almost non-existent since the advent of the internet with all its possibilities to be in contact with others. In fact, dating in the year 2019 is nothing but many years ago. The same rules apply where a healthy dose of humor, spontaneity and honesty are of paramount importance.

A fresh start

If you want to meet a new lover, it meens that you have to be open to new people. Compare no one with previous loves and start with a clean slate. A new partner should not take the place of a lost love. Only start dating when you are completely ready and you can leave the past behind. Seniors dating is all about finding love, not about filling a void.

Influence of others

At a certain age your children are no longer small children but adults. They probably want to see you happy and wish you the best in the relational field. Without your knowledge you may even have been persuaded to "search" again. Some children put pressure on the parents to find a new love relationship while others cannot cope when the parent starts dating again. It doesn't matter what your children think about it; listen to them but make your own choices.

Why seniors dating works

If you are not sure if you are still able to date or to start a new relationship, then it is time to state all the benefits.

You have more to offer

Compared to years ago, you have become wiser and smarter. All your experiences in relationships have shown what works and what doesn't. If you use your experience then you have more to offer for others because you no longer make the same mistakes as before.

You better judge others

An advantage of senior dating is that everyone has a lifetime of experience with other people. Over time, as the age increases, you start to understand more and more how someone is. Use your powerful intuition to take advantage of this.

You know yourself better

The years that you have behind you have prepared you for a new and loving relationship. It doesn't matter how much mistakes you made in the past, you are now a better version of yourself. If you were wondering if seniors dating is something for you then you now know the answer. Dating is possible anytime, anywhere and at any age.

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