Secure dating via online dating sites

Secure dating via online dating sites

November 9, 2019

Online dating is a fun and exciting way to meet other singles. To keep it fun and safe, there are a number of things that you should keep in mind. In this article, a few tips are discussed that you can take into account to ensure safe dating.

Follow your feelings

In all cases it is important to follow your instinct as much as possible. If your feeling tells you that something is not quite right, then it is best to be extra careful. If you doubt the situation, talk to someone you know or trust.

Your privacy

Create a separate e-mail address for dating sites, for example via Hotmail or Gmail. Never use your full first and last name in the e-mail address, but for example a nickname or alias. Also never just give your telephone number, last name or address, especially not in the first conversation. Only when you think that you can trust your online partner than you can take that step. 


Realize that everyone can present themselves differently on the internet than he or she really is. People who do this are called 'fakers'. Fakers often try to advertise their (paid) websites. If something seems too good to be true, be alert. So be super careful if you receive a message in no time from a beautiful woman who is looking for a sex date, for example.

What to do before you meet in person?

Always ask for a photo before you meet someone. A 'blind date' is nice, but it involves a lot of uncertainty. If you still want to date blind, make it a double date. 

If someone refuses to send you a photo, he / she probably has something to hide. Almost everyone has a digital photo of themselves. For people who do not have a scanner or digital camera, most dating sites scan a photo free of charge to place with the profile.

You have control 

Never let yourself be rushed or pressured to make an appointment or to reveal certain data. You have control over what you do and do not want. If someone continues to insist, block this person. This way you show that you don't like this. Finally, it is also useful to call ahead. A short phone call (with caller ID disabled) to hear someone's voice, gives you more clarity about who you are going to meet.

Real appointment

If you have decided that you trust someone enough to meet him or her in real life, meet in a public place where there are other people. Never meet directly at someone's home. Also tell someone you trust where you will meet someone and what you will do. It is a good idea to give him or her a call during your date. If your appointment is disappointing for some reason or another, then you immediately have a good alibi to leave.

Choose the right dating site

Register with a dating site that ensures your privacy. You do not want your personal information to be visible to everyone. 121 Dates is such a site where the data of all users are stored securely and are not accessible to third parties.

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