I forgot my password

I forgot my password

Hi all I am Nina. I recently became a member of this dating site and as forgetful that I am, I had already lost my password the first week. I have used different passwords, but I was unable to log in anymore. It was late, so I was unable to reach 121 Dates by telephone. At that moment I was enthusiastic about going through profiles of other users. I saw that I could fill in the online contact form. I found that less pleasant because from previous experience I know that not always or not in time answers are given to messages sent via a contact form to sites. I was therefore surprised when I already received the following day a message from the help desk of this site. Everything was explained step by step how I could get my password back. I call that top service! This is the reason why I would recommend everyone to just join 121 Dates.

The help desk of this dating site responses very quick and they are very polite. I received an e- mail with a step by step explanation of how I can recover my password. I would recommend this site to everyone.

I couldn't reach the dating site by phone.

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