Watch out for non-Muslims!

Watch out for non-Muslims!

I had been looking for a good Muslim dating site for some time now and became familiar with this site while searching the internet. At one sight this site seemed realistic to me. I created a profile and in the first week I came in contact with a hot guy. He told me that he is a Muslim as well, but during the conversations I kept getting the feeling that this man is kidding me and that he only wants me because of my beauty. I took it for granted and told him that we would talk about the Muslim religion. And there I grabbed him. It turned out that he knew nothing about the Muslim faith. I know that the site administrators cannot do much about it if others make themselves appear to be Muslims, but it is important that you observe carefully when you are chatting with others. Fortunately, I did met someone with whom I can talk.

This site is developed especially for single Muslims to get in touch with each other and more.

Not everyone on this site is a Muslim as they pretend to be. So be careful when having conversations with members of this site. This is a problem that appears on every dating site, so the only thing that you can do is to be careful.

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