Bisexual men are also welcome here

Bisexual men are also welcome here

I became a member of this exciting Gay Dating website a few months ago and have had a kind of sex relationship with a tough man for a couple of weeks. I got to know him via this datingsite and immediately loved him. After chatting back and forth a few times with each other, it suddenly came up that my tough friend is not known in daily life as a gay man or a man who falls in love with other men. He has a girlfriend, but also enjoys chit chatting with other men, having sex with them, and secret affairs. Of course that is possible on this site and I thought it was a great honor to have such a man as a sex partner. There are enough men on this site who are not gay, but fall under the bisexual category. These men may have a wife, a family, a girlfriend at home, but they just find it exciting to have sex relationships and / or secret affairs with other men. So are you bisexual? Then sign up immediately at 121 Gay Dating. There are plenty of men here with whom you can gain experience or make your fantasies come true.

There are also bisexuals on this site with whom you can gain some experience or start a secret affair.

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