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    All men on this site are Gay

    Review about 121 Gay Dating

    I don't know why and since when, but from the moment I know, I like men. I know that some people think the image of two men making love to each other is strange, but I just like hot, tough men. Only I notice that in daily life it is difficult to find other men for a relationship, sex dates and more. It is difficult to approach men at work or on the street to have a chat or get to know each other and more. Some men pretend to be interested in you, but when you are finally in conversation with them, and you make an attempt, you immediately notice that they do not like men. So I have always found it very difficult to hook up on a tough man I can love. Fortunately I came across 121 Gay Dating. On this site I don't have to worry that there are men who are not gay. All men are gay and just like you, they want to get in touch with other men for a serious relationship, sex and more. On this site I have finally met the man of my dreams.

    All men on this site are also looking for other gay men for a relationship, sex and more.

    The service of the help desk is very good!

    Review about 121 Divorced Dating

    I have been a member of 121 Divorced Dating for some time now and have had some nice conversations with other gentlemen so far. Perhaps because I am divorced, I am not completely open to a relationship yet. Perhaps if I am very sure and know for myself that I am taking the right step to allow someone into my life I will actually date. In any case, I came in contact with a nice gentleman at some point, the conversations went very well and it can result in me having a relationship with this gentleman. Only I changed my cell phone and I couldn't log in anymore, so I couldn't send messages to him. I had lost my password. Through the contact form, I made a request to change my password and I must honestly say that I have had a great service from customer service. They gradually explained to me what I had to do to log in again. The response time to my message was also very fast.

    The customer service is easily accessible, helpful and simply offers top service. I would recommend all divorced singles to create an account on 121 Divorced Dating today. Just try it!

    The number one site for persons with a disability

    Review about 121 Disabled Dating

    I have been living with a disability for years and had already taken it out of my mind to be able to come into contact with someone who would love me and accept me as I am. In daily life it is also not easy to get in touch with other disabled people. From one of my friends, who also has a disability, I
    heard that there is a website specially developed for persons with a disability. This appealed to me and I immediately made an effort to become a member of this site. In the beginning, I thought I was wasting my time, mainly because I didn't find the right match, but with a little patience, I did find my princess on a white horse on this site. The conversations go back and forth very well and we have decided to meet each other in the coming week.

    Through this site you know that you will certainly come into contact with people who are open to start a relationship with a disabled person. So you do not have to worry that you will not be accepted or that the other person will suddenly withdraw from you.

    It's worth it!

    Review about 121 Dates

    I have been looking for a nice date in my area for quite some time. Because of my work, I am unable to socialize too much. This is therefore the possible reason why I have not yet come into contact with my true love, at least until the moment I registered at 121 Dates. I registered at 121 Dates a week ago and am absolutely satisfied with the service offered. Not only the procedure to register is very easy, also getting in contact with other users is fairly quick. For several days I have been in contact with a nice lady of 121 Dates and it seems to click between us. She understands me, has humor and wants a serious relationship, just like me. It really feels good to know that there is someone somewhere who thinks about you and when you get up you can expect a message from her.

    The registration process on this site is fairly quick and completely free. The only thing you have to do is take five minutes to complete the registration steps.


    Unfortunately, with a free account you cannot use all functions of the site. Only if you sign up for the VIP membership you can, for example, send unlimited messages to other users and read received messages. Fortunately, the amount to upgrade is not that high.

    Big up 121 Christian Dating!

    Review about 121 Christian Dating

    I am a Christian and it has always been my wish to have a partner, who also believes in Jesus Christ. This allows us to go to church together, have discussions about the Christian faith and start a family in the Faith of God. However, in my daily life it didn't seem that easy to find the right partner. One is either already married or already in a relationship or not a Christian at all. The other may be a Christian, but from his actions I know exactly that that is only for the form. So it has not been easy to get in touch with my current partner until the moment that I decided to sign up at 121 Christian Dating. On this site there are so many Christian singles who are open and honest in their conversations. I got in touch with my current partner in no time, and it clicked so well that we decided to meet. And until now we are together.

    There are a lot of Christian Singles on 121 Christian Dating. The chances to get in touch with the right Christian partner are several times bigger. That is the reason why I would encourage every single Christian to sign up on 121 Christian Dating to meet your Christian life partner.