The number one site for persons with a disability

The number one site for persons with a disability

I have been living with a disability for years and had already taken it out of my mind to be able to come into contact with someone who would love me and accept me as I am. In daily life it is also not easy to get in touch with other disabled people. From one of my friends, who also has a disability, I
heard that there is a website specially developed for persons with a disability. This appealed to me and I immediately made an effort to become a member of this site. In the beginning, I thought I was wasting my time, mainly because I didn't find the right match, but with a little patience, I did find my princess on a white horse on this site. The conversations go back and forth very well and we have decided to meet each other in the coming week.

Through this site you know that you will certainly come into contact with people who are open to start a relationship with a disabled person. So you do not have to worry that you will not be accepted or that the other person will suddenly withdraw from you.

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