Be patient!

I joined 121 Divorced Dating four months ago. At first the site seemed too good to be true, but also interesting. That is why i became a member. I understood from one of my friends that you can score a nice date within two weeks. Since I have been divorced for a few years and since I was in need of a little bit love in my life, I decided to become a member of this site. Already in the first week the conversations started with other users, but it certainly took a month or two before I found my perfect match. So it is not always really within two weeks as I initially understood. If you have a little patience and are open to a new love you will certainly find it on this site. I have been with my partner for a month now, she was in a similar situation as me. Already at the first conversation we got along well and it seemed as if we had known each other for years. Tip: Be patient, it will pay off.

I found my lovely wifey on this site! It took a while, but my patience was payed off.

Sometimes you need to be patient in order to find the right partner.

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