Dating tips for the elderly, the Do's and Don'ts

Dating tips for the elderly, the Do's and Don'ts

November 10, 2019

Nowadays there are a lot of elderly people (40+) looking for a new lover or just new friends via online dating sites. If you are also 40 years and older and you want to date, than we have some tips for you. 

You are never too old to date

Society may make you believe that if you are older than a certain age, you can no longer date. It doesn't matter what others think. Everyone has the right, whether you are 23, 63 or 94 years old, to look for new friends or even a new love. There are a lot of 40+ dating sites where you can start your dating yourney. 

Are you older than 40? Then don't look for someone to "solve" your own problems

Regardless of the person's age, you must first and foremost be a happy individual if you are looking for a romantic relationship. If you suffer from loneliness or deal with the loss of an ex-partner, it can be difficult to attract other people in a romantic way. So start from the idea that you are not looking for someone to "recover" or save you from your problems. If you are not happy yourself, it is difficult to make another person happy in a healthy relationship with two people. But of course you can also just find chat partners or new friends to share experiences without starting a romantic relationship.

Focus on the present when dating the over-40s

Did you know that a few hundred years ago nostalgia was seen as a mental disorder? That is no longer the case, but it is still good not to get stuck in the past. Of course it is natural to talk about experiences from the past on your first day, no problem. But don't try to talk about possible bad marriages or bad ex-partners and so on. It is always a good idea to talk about current topics and your future plans instead of getting old cows out of the ditch.

You must have fun! 

Dating, even at the age of 40, should not be too serious. Perhaps you have been seriously raising a family for 20 years, working on your career, etc. But now it's time to let go and just have fun.

If you have a date, you can be just as spontaneous as when you were twenty. If you don't like to date in a café (which for many people feels like a job interview when you're sitting opposite each other), why don't you choose an active date, a picnic in the park or something like that?

Start dating as soon as you have met someone online 

If you are looking for love and a real relationship, we recommend the following: Arrange a real date quickly, and do not start talking about a lifetime with a stranger. As you know, a relationship is always about the physical chemistry between two people. After all, the person online can be different than he or she claims. If you live farther away, a video call (for example with Skype) will reveal much more about the person than just a chat.

But the best option is to simply arrange a date at a cafe or other public place, shortly after you've met someone online. If the person is not interesting, you can even go home after the first drink. For your own safety, it is not advisable to meet someone at home (or at another private location) for the first time!

So it's time to start activating your love life. Or if love sounds too serious, just meet new people, that's great too! The most important thing is that you become active and start talking to new people. If you "click" with someone, just go and have a coffee and see where it leads.

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