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121 Muslim Dating

As a Muslim, it is not always easy to come into contact with single-minded people? Are you looking for a partner, who also is a Muslim and with whom you can do fun things together, pray together, go to the mosque and more? Do you come across singles in daily life, but then they are not Muslims or do you encounter Muslims, but they are not single? No worries, with 121 Muslim Dating you are at the r ... [...]

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    I am very satisfied with the service of 121 Muslim Dating. Not only is registering very fast and easy, also finding a date does not take too long compared to other sites. Before I became a member of this site, I had already registered with another dating site. Only the service was very bad and you could hardly get to speak to other members of that dating site. On 121 Muslim Dating, on the other hand, I already came in contact with a nice tough gentleman in the first week. I have never had such nice conversations with a man before. On other dating sites so much is promised but the return is zero. I also had a question about upgrading my membership to VIP membership and the customer service staff explained it nicely in an email to which I connect myself and which functions of the site I can use. Since my upgrade I have the option to send unlimited messages to other interesting users. I would advise all Muslim singles to join this site today to find a suitable partner.

    The customer service employees are very friendly and they respond very quickly to questions that you ask them via email.

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