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Are you disabled, do you feel lonely or do you need a partner who can be there for you in good and bad days? Do you feel that it is difficult to find a suitable partner because of your disability? Or do you feel insecure about finding a partner because of your handicap? Then you should definitely be at 121 Disabled Dating. This site has been specially developed for the disabled, who are eager to meet their life partner. Having a disability cannot be the reason for not finding a partner or not being able to enjoy that feeling of being loved. The site offers all disabled people a platform to contact each other safely and discreetly online. Are you disabled yourself and do you want to get in touch with other dissabled persons? Or are you not disabled, and you don't mind getting in touch with someone with a disability? Then you can register quickly and completely for free today on the site of 121 disabled dating. You are on the right place for new friendships, acquaintances, love relationships and more.

How can I become a member of 121 disabled dating?

The registration process on this site is very simple. All you have to do is fill in the online registration form on the homepage of the site or you can click on tabs such as "join here", "browse profiles now" or by clicking on the tab "get started". In all cases, a registration form must first be filled in. In this form you enter whether you are a man or a woman, if you are looking for a man or a woman, date of birth, e-mail address and password of your choice. After entering all relevant data and clicking on registration, a confirmation email will automatically be sent to the specified e-mail address. After confirming the registration, you can immediately get started with finding your own disabled date. Who knows, you might come across your one and only 121 disabled date today.

What does 121 disabled dating cost per month?

With 121 Disabled Dating you can register completely free, but with such a free account you can make limited use of the services of the site. If you want to have access to all the functionalities of the site, then it is best to opt for a subscription for this site. The prices for the subscription of this site are as follows:

  • 1 month, $ 35.99
  • 3 months, $ 26.99
  • 12 months, $ 14.39

The most advantageous subscription is that of 12 months and the most popular is the 12-month subscription.

How can I contact customer service?

For any questions and/ or comments you can contact the customer service of 121 Disabled dating. First you can fill in and send the online contact form, or you can send an email to [email protected] or you can call the telephone number +448003688025. Customer service tries to answer all questions as well as possible or they try to provide you with sound advice.

121 Disabled Dating Reviews

    I need to become a member for more information

    I recently came across this dating site and found it particularly interesting at first. The layout of the site is very inviting, I must say. I myself am disabled, which makes it difficult for me to find a partner who suits me, who understands me and who can assist me in good and bad times. Anyway, I came across this site and wanted to get more information. Among other things, I wanted to know how I could register myself, if there were any costs associated with the registration and under what conditions I could register. On the site itself I found, unfortunately, no information. I had to sign up to get more information from the site. The site itself is fine with me, but I don't like it that I couldn't get information directly. I was obliged to register on the site first. Suppose I did not want to register on this site, but wanted to gather some information, that would simply not be possible. I hope that this will also be looked into in the future. Fortunately, everything changes once you are logged in. Then you get more than enough information.

    Only if you are a member of this site, you can gain more information.

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