Have you lost the love of your life, have you been a widow or widower for a long time and are you tired of being lonely or always feeling lonely? Do you think that you are already above the lost of your loved one and that it is time to continue life and love someone or be loved by someone else? Do you want to start again with a serious relationship and still enjoy life together with your new lover? Then WidowsDating Online is the right place for you. On this site there are a number of widows and widowers who strongly believe that they can share love with someone once more after losing their first partner with whom they once shared joys and sorrows. This website is therefore specially designed for all widows and widowers, who want to fall in love again and again. Through this site they can quickly and easily come into contact with other like-minded people in a discreet manner. Does this appeal to you? Then sign up today at WidowsDating.com and who knows, maybe you have luck on your side today and you know how to score a nice date. 

How to create an account

Are you ready for a new love? Then you can quickly and easily create a free account by filling in the online click-through form on the homepage. You can find this form under the “Join Free Today” tab. Here you will be asked about your gender and your preferred gender, your name, date of birth, e-mail address and password. After entering all relevant data you can click on register. An e-mail is then sent to the specified e-mail address to confirm the registration. After this you can immediately start looking for a suitable date.

What are the options on this site?

Due to the multitude of members and individuals who register on the site daily, the chance of not finding a suitable match is virtually impossible. The site is aimed at having a 100% chance of success for each member. In addition to an exciting date, you can also maintain good friendships. You can access the site with almost any device. So even if you have a PC, laptop or tablet, with every device you can access the many possibilities that this site has to offer for its members. 

How can I Remove my Account?

Have you already managed to score a date or do you want to stop using the services of the site for some reason, then you have the option to delete your profile. You can do this safely by logging into the site and from your home page click on account and then on the "membership" tab. Next comes an overview of membership options where you get the option to click on "delete account". After clicking on this, the account will be removed from the servers of the site and you will no longer be able to use the account to find a date. If you have a subscription, you must cancel this before deleting your account.

Articles about Widows Dating Online

When can you date again as a widow / widower?

Anyone who has lost a partner (lover) sometimes wonders when it is time to start dating again. The answer is not always as simple as you may think. For example, it makes a difference whether you have lost your partner suddenly or after a sickbed. In the event of a sudden death you are not prepared [...]

Widows Dating Online Reviews

  • My name is Jessica, I have been a widow for five years and a mother of two children. After the death of my husband I was constantly busy with my work and the kids. The children were much younger and I filled my days with doing school work, social activities with the kids and more. Whenever I was on the street with the kids, I sometimes could have a good chit chat with nice gentlemen, but until now I didn't had a real date, there was no question of it. Now my daughters are a little older and need less attention. Especially in the last year I have noticed that the urge for a love partner is getting bigger. I have searched online how I could get rid of this feeling, but the best thing is that you also learn to love yourself and that you open yourself up to be loved. I then started searching the internet for suitable dating sites and came across two sites that seemed interesting to me. For my bad luck I chose a different site, but the service was so bad and I received no messages. Also on the messages I sent, there was hardly any answer and when I received an answer, the answer did not always correspond with my message, it seemed fake profiles. I then decided to delete my account and take a chance on this site. And yes! On this site I have nice contact with a number of gentlemen from the first day on. In the beginning I was only looking for new friendships, but later on I started liking a gentleman so much that I want more. So you notice that if you are a member of a good dating site, finding a partner is possible.

    By Jessica on February 4, 2020 Reply
  • I have been a widow for a few years now and thought it was time for me to give my love life a boost. Only, I didn't find it so easy to go to someone for a date and more. I did come across a few men, but stepping towards them seemed strange. After so many years I felt pretty embarrassed about dating someone again, but on the other hand I have an empty feeling, I often feel lonely and therefore need a partner. I never knew that there was anything like a dating site for widows. My colleague told me during a free moment that I had to try it at a dating site for widows. On that dating site you will find a number of people, who are also widowed and know exactly what you have endured and in this way you can understand each other better and start dating on that basis and more. I thought that was a good idea. After searching for a while I ended up with Widows Dating Online. In the beginning I was wary, because you hear so often that there are fake profiles on dating sites, but no. In the second week after my registration I started talking to a nice widower and now, after six weeks we are still enjoying each other. So finding a date is also possible, even if you are a widow or widower.

    By Beffanie69 on February 3, 2020 Reply

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